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Cracking the The New Luxury Code

Today’s social media is flooded with success. It seems like everyone from toddlers to their parents is rocking his /her life in a big way with exotic travels, high-end fashion, expensive cars and other, fast to go viral, experiences smiling at the world.

Observing the image of a victorious lifestyle spreading all around the internet, you may be asking, how could you bring some of it into your own everyday reality. So, let´s first check the New World landscape, where all the fun happens.

The New World

We all know that the reality we live in today is far different compared the one we lived just 10 years ago. The acceleration of changes owed to the constant shower of innovations has caused a real mental vertigo for many. Not only have we been continuously challenged to master the upcoming waves of new tech-inventions, but to also master new forms of social interaction, lifestyle demands, economies, and the list goes on.

The good news is that this new reality has brought an end to many old limiting patterns of thinking and has thus opened space for very positive newcomers such as: #lifeBettering, #selfImprovement and #mindfulness among others. In a way, we live in the best and most powerful time ever thanks to our own innate limitless #resourcefulness and globally available information, which have set off the avalanche of #accessibility of everything including luxury.

The New vs. Old Luxury Codes

Being the Art of Making Feel Desirable, luxury has a real mastery in creating playful, high-quality experiences with the final feeling of being more sexy, important, or influential. In other words, it’s the feeling of being more socially approved/desirable. In this sense, luxury has remained the same. What has changed, however, are the New Luxury ingredients.

The New Luxury Code took the language of the New World environment to a premium level. Since its vocabulary has shifted to words like “mindful”, “useful”, and “bettering”, making it a #CodeOfRespect, the old expressions of “opulence”, “materialism”, and “excessiveness” have become outdated. Instead, intangible, non-material resources, such as time, mobility, passion, health, well-being, ingenuity, etc., have become the New Luxury ingredients.

On that same note, one more fundamental change has taken place in today’s luxury: the definition of a status. In the old world, status was owed to “what I have”, however, today’s luxury status is all about “who I am”. The #luxuryMindset is not focused on “how much I can get”, but in “how much I can give away for a good cause” self-branding.

The new luxe formula of today is defined by constant self-actualization, self-bettering and connectivity. Rather than material possessions, people are more interested in ephemeral luxury which is the perfect combination of #shareableExperiences and the most desired stress relievers of today.

In fact, #peaceOfMind is one of the luxury spells that work magically well in today’s hectic era where people lack time and online privacy. Obviously, the inaccessible exclusivity with the sit down, cushioned lifestyle of the old luxury couldn’t possibly respond to these new lifestyle needs. This old view has been replaced by a much more accessible dynamic full of smart, innovative and iconic everyday objects and services that bring great value to the everyday reality.

Another successful newbie on the block of luxury are #onDemand services. Since today’s luxury is found in smart and mindful approaches rather than owning everything oneself, you don’t need to own a private jet, but you can enjoy the ride in one on demand.

Simple Tips on How To “Luxify” Everyday Life

There are quite few simple but effective ways on how you can elevate your everyday reality following the New Luxury code of being respectful and mindful to yourself as well as others. Today’s luxury status comes from “who you are” as opposed to the old, “what you have” focus, so infusing your life with bettering, lasting qualities and experiences rewires your mind-set to luxury well-being.

In practical terms, think of the following:

1. Self-bettering Materials

Choose the best quality items within your means rather than lots of fast, disposable, mass produced items that are not respectful to nature (or to you), thus giving you items that are low quality with short longevity. When you are surrounded by better quality, you are able to refine your personal taste, preferences, and demands. Subconsciously, you are sending yourself and others a signal that you have a value and self-respect and you will be treated accordingly.

2. Smart Utility

Go for the best, smart products and services you can afford that give you more than one benefit and longer lasting value such as functional design + cruelty free + great user experience, etc. It is your personal, mindful investment with high return in quality of your life that helps you to reduce unnecessary stress, saves you time, money, etc.

3. Timeless You

Give preference to style that stands the test of time over seasonal extravagances that become outdated in a few weeks. This doesn’t mean sticking to boring neutrals (if they are not your favorites) or non-personal, though. Timeless means building your signature style around the principles you’ve loved and have remained faithful to over time and accenting it with statement pieces that express you the best.

4. Elevating Environment

Your environment is a big one. Whether it’s your living space or professional one, make it your “elevator”. Take conscious care of it, revise, detox and update it every so often so that it can raise you up instead of dragging you down. Do this by focusing on your:

Physical environment

is any place that you spend lot of time in. The look, feel, functionality, and overall atmosphere of it not only affects your emotions, it also reflects your belief system. Make it your ally! Think of all places you’d love to experience (luxury houses, hotels, or attractive offices), get pictures of your favorite, and use it as an inspiration for your own space. There are countless principles and details you can apply in your house without breaking the bank.

Personnel environment

are the people you spend most of time with. Luxury is the face of prosperity with well-being and personal growth as its flagships. Prosperity can never flourish in toxic ground because it needs a growth-supportive environment. Apply it to your life, revise your connections one by one, and keep the “lighters” only (people who bring light into your life) who boost your energy and believe in you. As you evolve, some may part and new ones will come for that is Energy in motionEmotion - that elevates you and your environment.

5. Relax & Grow

Practicing simple activities of self-improvement, and exposing yourself to experiences that bring new knowledge or expand your personal boundaries are smart ways to approach your time with a luxury mind-set. It can be anything from:

  • Becoming excellence in some of your talents or hobbies

  • Honoring your life with pleasing experiences

  • Cultivating your own personal style

  • Using the power of information in areas of interests to get inspirationally good at what you (want to) be - #ReadersAreLeaders


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What makes you feel most luxe in your life? Have you tried to "luxify" your place yet? If so, what are your thoughts? Do you have a favorite tip you want to share? Comment below to join in the chat!

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