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Smart & Luxy?

"For the longest time creativity was associated with special talents, children and free time activity only - a tragic misconception that robs many people of incredible life opportunities, leaving them stuck in an unhappy place."


Hi, I'm Zuzana

A designer obsessed with the game-changing power of creativity making it accessible to people and brands through functionality turned into visual experiences and fun and easy to use tools, that empower people to experience life not the hard way, but the smart creative way.

Behind The Scenes

As an extremely curious kid with love of all things beautiful, ingenious and different, I found daydreaming (just another word for creative thinking), my favorite space to be and creative activities of any kind, to be my active response to the dreams, I had.

Little I knew, at that time, that my actionable approach to own dreams was the best training I could possibly give myself, for the life ahead of me.

It taught me to focus, take full responsibility for my desires and, importantly, it gave me the unshakable confidence, that it was realistically possible for me to make any of my dreams come true, as long, as I am ready to take the necessary steps towards.

So, when I reached my teens and heard the well intended advice from adult familiars to "put my creative fun aside and start thinking of the real deal - the grown-up life with serious occupation that would earn me living", I knew, crystal clear, it was not the way for me to go. In fact, disregarding my dreams felt same absurd to me, as if I was asked to get rid of the fuel in my car and start pushing it, to make it move.

Instead of trying to explain everyone how vital dreams and creativity for life of all of us were, I decided to become the living proof of the game-changing power I've discovered in them.

15 adventurous years later, after having studied, traveled, lived in 4 countries, experienced life in all shades and colors, ran my own creative business and gained my financial freedom, I can responsibly say that it was not my degrees that moved me to the happy horizons, neither the money, which I didn’t have at the beginning of my journey.

The vehicle and the fuel of my success was the ongoing mental training in creative thinking, never giving up on dreams and believing that it was all possible.

My next big dream is to help YOU to train your creative genius, so that you can also find your own wings and fly to the life you desire with unshakable confidence that YOU CAN because IT´S POSSIBLE.

Small Airplane
Woman Traveller
Yoga at Home
Spa Pool

Who is creative training for?

Thinking outside the box is the main ingredient of all great inventions, success models and happy fulfilled life. Every single person, who wants to live a vibrant life with freedom, insted of existing by default, needs to enable him/herself to achieve that. 

By cultivating creativity of any kind, we train our most important mental muscle that our ancestors were using to survive, to become more comfortable and to advance - the ingenuity.

Resourcefulness is a true super-power with countless practical benefits. Not only it brings much appreciated ease into any area of our life, be it work, business, marriage, friendship, science or school, but being resourceful also enables us to find a way out, to get unstuck from any situation and start operating from the "all is possible" space.


To train your creative genius

you DON'T need

x  To be talented
       creativity is NOT about talent

x  To have sense of aesthetic
       ingenuity is aesthetic-free

x  To work in creative industry
       capacity to think outside box
     is an advantage in every fields 

x  To have previous experience

       creativity is in our DNA, we only
     need to unleash it and make it
     our everyday companion


x  To be a child :-)

     we need to be resourceful
     at every age


you DO need

To assign a time for it

make it intentional, remember your dream.
The more frequently you train your creative mental muscle, the faster you become limitless in resources and the earlier you get to where you desire

To never stop

to keep your resourcefulness in a great shape, you need to take care of it, but the reward you get in is priceless. :-)


Not hard but

smart ways bring

extraordinary outcomes

Getting Ready

How does it work?

Although practicing creative activity of any kind may seems simplistic, it has truly transformational power on our lives, since it:

  • enhances our capacity to think outside the box, which can later be applied to anything else we do

  • grows our resourcefulness by enabling us to see more options and diminishes our scarcity thinking  

  • empowers our mind 

  • gives us confidence

  • helps us with decisionmaking

Smart & Luxy


was created to make the life-changing benefits of creative self-expression accessible to everyone through fun and relatable world of fashion, regardless talent, age or previous experience.


When less brings more

Drawing Time
Girl with a Shoulder Tattoo
Colorful Streams

Out of all creative activities, the visual ones have the extra benefit of enhancing our fine motor skills and sense of visual balance.


The easiest and instantly gratifying form of visual creativity is coloring. It allows us to produce beautiful piece of art with no special talent needed, which has a positive subconscious impact on our confidence and makes it also a great social and bonding activity where all win, no one loses.


The simple act of coloring has impact on our health and wellbeing as well, taking our mind away from problems helps to get calm and relaxed and to regain lost focus. Colors, themselves, not only have their symbolic meaning, they also have the power to heal and uplift us, which makes coloring highly therapeutic. For adults, it may even recall nice childhood memories and for people of all ages, coloring stimulates the highly transferable strength vital to achieving the life experience, we dream of - the creativity.

Drawing Together

Empower yourself

and your loved ones

Benefits of coloring
About ZU
Behind The Scenes
Getting Ready
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